What does 9 Mitchell do?

9 Mitchell Enterprises solves problems. It’s that simple. We use tried and true streamlining techniques to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.




Check out the services we offer. Our strategies have been tested and are applicable to all business fields.

Like the advent of the smart phone, we use advanced statistics to turn your regular business into a smart business.

To maintain success, businesses need to change. our effective programs improve your business for the future.

Too much demand is the best problem to have. Our strategies manage that growth to maximize profits.

A successful QM plan is efficient and effective. We can teach you how to make that happen.

Whether you’re a startup or been around a while, if you need info on your market, we can do the research.

As your grow, you need more staff. Our techniques ensure you have the right people in the right places.

Making sure you don’t waste money is imperative. Our lean operational methods keep your waste low.

Believe it or not, the more paper you use, the more money you spend. We know what tech will give you an edge.

If you need experienced guidance or to bounce ideas off someone, we offer general consulting services too.

Industries Served

We understand businesses are not always the same. That is why we cater our programs to the industry you serve.





Service Industry

Service Industry


Statistical Analysis & Product Development

Product Development, Statistical Analysis


Medical Healthcare

Medical Healthcare


Residential Healthcare

Residential Healthcare


Public Sector

Government, Public Sector


Food Service Industry

Food Service Industry




Plans & Pricing

Business Startup $ 999 For people who want to start a new business.
Market Research Cost Analysis Business Plan Review 1st Year Growth Strategy Document Review Policy Development
Lean Review $ 1499 For the business that needs to lower costs and improve efficiency.
Review of Current Processes Market Research Comparison to Competitor Processes Recommendations to Improve Processes
Compliance Plan $ 399 month For the business that needs assistance in meeting regulatory or contract demands.
Review of Regulations/Contracts Goal Plan Developed with Client Monthly Progress Reviews Ability to Modify Goals When Necessary
Web Startup $ 699 For people who want to start an internet-based business.
Assistance in Selecting a Host Website Development WordPress Based Site Use of One Premium WordPress Theme Add a Personalized Photography Package for an additional $499
Tech Review $ 599 For the business who needs improved technology to compete in the future.
Review of Current Hardware and Software Market Research Comparison to Competitor Technology Recommendations to Improve Technology
Quality Management Plan $ 599 month For the business that needs Quality Management/Assurance/Improvement help.
Develop QM/QA/QI Plan Statistical Analysis Monthly Progress Reports Develop Plan to fix QM Issues Found

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